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Nathan Jones - izi.TRAVEL Pittsburgh Historic Walking Tour

Welcome to Historic Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A city of many names, it’s known as “The Gateway To the West,” “America's Most Livable City,” “Steel City,” and “The City of Bridges” to name a few. Founded in 1758 and named in honor of British statesman William Pitt, Pittsburgh’s legacy is a rich one, from its infancy as a frontier village, to its current status as one of the nation’s leading industrial cities.

Nathan Jones - izi.TRAVEL Indianapolis Historic Walking Tour

Welcome to Indianapolis, Indiana. As one of the most famous cities throughout the United States, Indianapolis holds a legacy that is as rich as it is diverse. Established in the early 1820s, it has since gone on to become not only the "Amateur Sports Capital of the World," but one of considerable military contribution as well. On our historic walking tour through the city’s downtown, we’ll visit some of its most iconic monuments and museums, taking in the rich legacy of the Hoosier State.

Nathan Jones - izi.TRAVEL Kansas City Crown Center District Historic Walking Tour

Welcome to Kansas City’s Crown Center District. As one of Kansas City’s largest districts, Crown Center has quickly grown to become a home base of sorts for the city, harboring some of its best entertainment, shopping, and cultural experiences. On our tour through its winding streets and pathways, we’ll explore some of the district’s most veritable landmarks, many of which date back to the early 1900s.

Nathan Jones - izi.TRAVEL Niagara Falls National Park Historic Walking Tour

Welcome to historic Niagara Falls National Park. Established in the mid-1880s, this beautiful region between the borders of Canada and North America has the distinct honor of being the nation’s oldest State Park, as well as home to one of America’s premiere landmarks and oldest tourist attractions. On our tour though its lush and vibrant pathways, we’ll visit a number of the region’s more memorable observation locations, taking in some of the most breathtaking views America has to offer.

Nathan Jones - izi.TRAVEL Denver Historic Walking Tour

Welcome to Historic Denver, Colorado, where sunshine, cultural diversity and natural beauty collide to form one of the most beloved cities west of the Mississippi. Hailed as “The Mile High City” by tourists and locals alike, it remains one of the country’s most spectacular playgrounds, firmly nestled in the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains. On this tour, we’ll take you through its many vibrant districts and locations, highlighting the city’s cultural significance from its roots during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush, to its modern day status as the state’s capitol and a testament to American perseverance, creativity, and ingenuity.

Nathan Jones - izi.TRAVEL Chicago Historic Walking Tour

Welcome to “Windy City” Chicago, the largest city in the Midwest and “Freight Handler to the Nation.” Founded in 1830 and a current leader in international trade and commerce, Chicago’s history is just as rich as its industrial roots. As we wind our way around its parks, historic buildings, and towering skyscrapers, we’ll look into some of Chicago’s most notable landmarks, chronicling the city’s reputation as one of the nation’s greatest meeting places of industry and innovation.

Nathan Jones - izi.TRAVEL Mystic Connecticut Historic Walking Tour

Welcome to Mystic, Connecticut! As one of New England’s most charming enclaves, this coastal community has a rich history in the state, one that extends as far back as the early 17th century. Comprised of the twin towns of Stonington and Groton, it has grown considerably since then, deeply rooted in the maritime industry native to New England. On our tour through its winding streets, we’ll visit some of its most historical landmarks, exploring the town’s earliest history and local treasures.

Nathan Jones - izi.TRAVEL New Orleans Historic Walking Tour

Welcome to the Historic New Orleans French Quarter. Sitting on a crescent in the Mississippi River and known locally as the “Vieux Carré,” this unique and extraordinary blend of Spanish, French, Creole and American styles form the very heart of the city of New Orleans, providing an experience like no other. From the traditional jazz echoing across its streets, to the horse-drawn carriages gliding along cobbled walkways, every step along New Orleans’ French Quarter calls back to a time when French exploration and Antebellum sophistication were at their peaks. Join us as we visit one of America’s most vibrant artist colonies, New Orleans’ oldest neighborhood, and a place where artists, painters, and street performers make their living ensuring tourists (like yourself) feel that every day spent in New Orleans is its own vacation. If you think you’re ready, let’s get started!

Nathan Jones - izi.TRAVEL San Diego Balboa Park Walking Tour

Welcome to San Diego’s Balboa Park! As the nation’s largest urban, cultural park, Balboa Park is home to some of the finest scientific and cultural experiences in all of San Diego. From its exciting variety of museums and art venues, to its gardens and cultural centers, there’s never a shortage of entertainment. On our walking tour through the park, we’ll explore San Diego’s rich, cultural legacy, one which dates all the way back to the turn of the 20th century.

A Stupid Idea

I looked at the ground to avoid telling my sister that she was ruining this, that we never wanted her to come along anyway. This was our idea. Ours. We knew how stupid it was, and we knew we’d probably get caught. We just didn’t care. It was as simple as that. “Relax.” I told her, “We talked about this already. It’s not like we’re gonna run all the way there. Bobby says he knows a secret way in.” I glanced up at my sister and realized her arms were crossed. “Seriously.” I added. “We’ll be fine. We talked about this stuff at Bobby’s house last night.”

A Father's Request

“You get five thousand now, and five thousand once the job is done.” His words echoed in my mind, the words of a broken, old man who had all but given up hope. His face weathered and bruised from years of hard labor, the man sat defeated, hunched over in his chair, eyes fixated on the fire that danced in the hearth in front of him. “It’s my life savings,” he added, poking the fire with a metal rod. “I have no doubt that it’s below your normal salary, but I’m asking for you to make an exception this time. She’s my daughter, the only child I have.”

My Turn

I shifted my weight away from the briar patch, hoping someone would make a mistake soon. Knowing my little brother and sister especially, I expected one of them to give up any minute, most likely out of pure boredom. They weren’t like Philip and I. They didn’t let these competitions amongst the four of us completely and utterly consume them. They didn’t add rules to a game of kickball or stakes to a round of Frisbee to make it more “interesting,” and they didn’t set out to completely dominate the competition or taunt them mercilessly afterwards. If they even agreed to participate in the first place, it was safe to say that they didn’t really play to win. They were just there to have fun, and I was certain they’d never get used to the level of patience my older brother and I possessed for the sake of victory. After all, our bouts were legendary. I didn’t know anyone else who could stomach a four-hour game of RISK either. “This one’s mine.” I thought to myself. “It’s my turn this time.”

The Perfect Plan

I looked at the ground trying to rationalize our decision to steal the pastor’s car by reminding myself of the obvious: I liked her and she was out of my league. I couldn’t show up to that party in my dad’s Nova. If I wanted to get her attention, this was the best way to do it. Monica liked bad boys, not the kind of guys who stayed home all summer to mow lawns at the golf course. I was tired of being that guy, and the pastor’s Shelby would change all that. “She’s the only reason, Jason.” I said. “I want you to swear that you know what you’re doing.”